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A Prayer for Change

Posted on by Carol Lyons

A Prayer for Change

Loving God, You have made the whole of human life in your image;
Each one of us shaped in love.
Your goodness is ever-present within us all.
But, there is so much evil and pain in our world, it comes at us from every direction.
Teach us how to rediscover Your love within us,
to use that love as a force for good.
Help us to turn our hearts toward the world in hope,
praying for each other, regarding each other as treasure.
Join us all together in prayer,
that we might be the light which darkness can never overcome.

About this prayer:

This prayer has come out of the Women’s Prayer Circle of St. John's Episcopal Church in North Guilford, which meets twice a month to pray for our parish, our friends, and ourselves.

Over the last many months we have had many discussions on the state of the world we live in and how to bring God’s love to this time. Out of our time together, this Prayer for Change came about.

Once the prayer was written, we began to share it with our larger community. We introduced it during our Sunday service and it was well-received. Many people commented on how it expressed things they were feeling and how necessary it felt to pray for each other.

We now have it in our own newsletter each week so people can use it for pray during the week, and have incorporated the prayer into our worship which we say as a congregation at the end of each service.

Now, the Spirit has shown us that we are ready to send it out into the world. We will bring it to our Congregational neighbors this fall and ask that they will use it for a month each Sunday along with us, so that our two churches can create an energy for change that is ever-widening. The prayer will then be sent out from our church to others around us, so that this growing prayer energy can be a force for loving change.

I hope it can be a blessing to you and to all of us in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, and beyond.

 --Carol Lyons, MS, MPH, is a member of St. John's, North Guilford, Connecticut and its Women's Prayer Circle