The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

NE/SE Region Presents: The Last Green Valley Info Meeting

Christ Episcopal Church, Norwich

Do you know about the Last Green Valley?  You’re in it! It was designated a National Heritage Corridor in 1994.  Its web site ( states: The Last Green Valley is not a traditional park. Instead, citizens, businesses, nonprofit cultural and environmental organizations, local and state governments, and the National Park Service work together to preserve and celebrate the region’s cultural, historical and natural heritage. 

As a part of that working together, the leadership of the Last Green Valley is presently involved in a community engagement process. They have been meeting with various groups since September and plan to continue such until about April 2019, all in the effort of getting the region’s feedback on its vision for the future of this place. They want to ask questions of a wide variety of residents in our region – and where else can you come for variety but church?!  Here are the kinds of questions they want to ask:

What are the strengths of Eastern CT? What is going well? What do people value about where they live? What is not going well…? What are opportunities for positive change to make this place better for current and future generations?

This is part a “vision planning” process for developing a 10 year plan beginning in 2020. Kyle Gregoire is the Community & Donor Relations Manager (and happens to have been raised as an Episcopalian in Grace Church, Old Saybrook.)   Maggie Breen, the NE Region Missionary, and Rev. Rachel Thomas, SE Region Missionary, met with him over the summer, and are enthusiastic about the possibilities of being a part of this cross-region venture.  Kyle is eager to meet with as many of us as is possible on Thursday, February 28th, from 6:30 -8:00pm at Christ Church, 78 Washington St., Norwich, to get your thoughts as input for the planning process.

Maggie & Rachel are eager to meet with everyone as a step in discerning what God’s Spirit might be calling us to as a part of this Last Green Valley.  Please plan on coming, and let us know any questions you have!