The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Healing Service

Trinity Episcopal Church, Newtown
36 Main Street, Newtown, CT

A healing service will be offered at Trinity for all who desire prayer. We will begin at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary and the whole service lasts about 45 minutes. Healing, also known as Unction, is one of the seven traditional sacraments of the Church. In this sacrament, holy oil is used as a sign and means of healing. Prayers, anointing, and laying-on-of-hands are offered for all who desire it. The Sacrament of Healing is followed by the Eucharist. Healing prayer invites God into the realness of our lives and we then wait to see God’s blessings in every circumstance. All are invited to join us in offering these prayers and in seeing and giving thanks for the many ways we are blessed.