The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Health Ministry and Parish Nursing

ECCT and Province 1 contact:

Ginny Wagenseller, RN, Faith Community Nurse (Parish Nurse), Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Westport
(and Province I representative to Episcopal Health Ministries (EHM))  --  203-451-9134
Contact Ginny about parish nursing, parish health ministries, EHM, and related topics.
EHM also maintains a Facebook page here.


Overview of Episcopal Health Ministries:

  • EHM vision: ...that every Episcopal congregation becomes a vibrant, caring place of health and wholeness.
  • EHM mission promote health ministry in Episcopal congregations, assisting them to reclaim the Gospel imperative of health and wholeness.
  • EHM commitment is to:
        Christ as Healer
        Health as a holy, natural and continuous process
        Stewardship of the body and all God's creation
        Authentic and holy relationships
        Integration of the inner journey and the external life
        Reconciliation in a broken and fragmented world
  • Who EHM serves:
        Health ministers who promote health and healing within Episcopal congregations
        Episcopal congregations
        Episcopal clergy
        Episcopal dioceses and provinces
  • How EHM serves:
        Educating leaders for Episcopal health ministry and parish nursing
        Supporting those engaged in health ministry in Episcopal congregations through membership opportunities
        Providing resources to local congregations, diocese and provinces
        Collaborating with other faith communities, institutions and health organizations