The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut


Peacemaking is an essential part of our call as Christians to be about God's mission of restoration and reconciliation in the world.

One of the ways we seek to promote peace is through the work of challenging violence in all its forms. Numerous resources in this area came our way in the wake of the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2012. Those resources have been compiled here.

CT Episcopalians also participate in a variety of peacemaking efforts here in CT through partnerships with Mother's United Against Violence and the Peace in CT Coalition.

As Episcopalians, we are blessed with a wonderful resource and network that is throughout the Church: Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EPF). Their website provides a wealth of congregational resources, ways to be come an advocate and to connect with other Episcopalians to promote peace. If you are interested in promoting more of the work of EPF on a local level in CT, please contact Molly James.