The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Guidelines for Parish Records Management

The primary resource for parish archives is “Records Management for Congregations: An Archives Manual for Episcopal Parishes and Missions,” from The Archives of The Episcopal Church. An abbreviated version can be found in Chapter IX of the full “Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs.” A list of other useful resources on what to preserve, parish records, and handling archival material can be found on our Diocesan Archives here

ECCT Archives

The Episcopal Church of Connecticut maintains a large archive of historic documents and items at The Commons in Meriden, and a part-time archivist is on staff to assist you in answering questions, locating documents, and conducting research. Visit our History and Archives page to learn more. 

The archives include material related to the history of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut as well as material from parishes, some of which have closed.

Contact the archivist, Greg Farr,, for more information or to arrange a time to visit.