The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

The Jack Spaeth Care for Creation Environmental Grant

The mission of the Jack Spaeth Care for Creation Environmental Grant is to encourage innovation and to empower members of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut to educate, witness and invite change in our congregations and communities with the goal of embracing a global vision of climate justice and preserving and celebrating God's creation.

Grant applications are due by April 3, 2021, and grantees will be announced April 22, 2021.  The application can be downloaded here in the grants folder of the file repository.

The grant committee includes the Rev. Virginia Army, Chair; the Rt. Rev. Dr. Laura Ahrens, the Rev. Ellen Adams, the Rev. Stephanie Johnson, the Rev. Sandra Stayner, and Dr. Letty Naigles.

Questions and Applications should be sent to the Rev. Virginia Army at or c/o St. John’s, 523 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, CT 06066.  

Grant Criteria:

All of these should be involved in some form, although successful projects may weight some criteria more than others. The criterion intentionally encompass the Five Marks of Mission.

  • The project should include inter-generational dialogue and activities, involving children and youth (Worship and Prayer)
  • The project should include parish commitment of time, energy, or funds or some combination; it should operate broadly across the parish. (Worship and Prayer)
  • The project should engage community in collaborative efforts and partnerships (Justice and Peace)
  • The project should be related to climate change and/or sustainability as it pertains to future generations and current poverty/marginalization. (Justice and Peace)
  • The project should invite personal lifestyle change and new commitments in how people live in world, doing things differently and making different personal choices (Service)
  • The project should be Christ centered, proclaiming the Good News (Evangelism)
  • The project should emphasize the protection and stewardship of God's Creation (Repentance and Forgiveness)

Application Questions

The Jack Spaeth Care for Creation Environmental Grant Application is available for download here

  • Contact Name, email, and phone number
  • Parish name and address
  • Purpose of the Project
  • Twelve month work plan for the project. (If you envision this as a 2-year project, provide a work plan for the 2nd year, too.)
  • Any other potential income sources
  • Describe the Parish's commitment in terms of time, energy, and/or funds.
  • Proposed budget for the project.
  • A description of each of the following: 
    • How will children and youth be engaged? (Worship and Prayer)
    • Who are your community collaborative partners? (Justice and Peace)
    • How does this project invite personal lifestyle changes and choices and support faithful witness about the stewardship of God's Creation? (Service)
    • How will your project be Christ centered? (Evangelism) • How will your project protect and/or care for God's Creation? (Repentance and Forgiveness)

Example projects:

  • Regular multi-generational hikes that include significant worship and/or environmental cleanup components.
  • Creation-centered worship, such as using sustainable palms or sustainable altar/flower arrangements.
  • Promoting sustainable food practices, such as serving primarily organic or local food at church events and/or at home.
  • Growing an organic vegetable garden, shared by/across the church or with other local faith groups the fruit of which is donated to the needy in the community.
  • Promoting sustainable transportation practices to and from church, around the community, and/or across the diocese, such as offering free bus passes or organizing bike rides to work/ other activities.
  • Promoting sustainable energy consumption in community, around the diocese, such as holding contests to reduce energy use, offering prizes in different categories to those who use the least, cut their usage the most, to different groups (seniors, families).
  • Develop secure and private websites for parishioners to track their personal lifestyle choices and changes.