The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut



Two or more Episcopal parishes in good standing and/or a recognized ECCT Ministry Network active within one or more Regions are eligible to receive a grant. Partnerships with non-Episcopal entities are welcome and encouraged. One Episcopal parish must serve as the project leader, custodial funds manager, and reporting agent.


(Please note: there is no limit on how many times you apply, year-by-year, for the annual grant. Funds will be disbursed according to needs and privileging those ideas that are new and/or thriving.)

SEED GRANTS (up to $10,000) — Seed grants are smaller grants geared to groups launching new projects and/or evolving the scale of an existing project. They can fund new educational opportunities, training, workshops, or campaigns to increase engagement in God’s work within the Region. They can fund broad and exploratory work to learn more about the local context, the neighborhood, the opportunity itself and its development ahead of more extensive engagement.

IMPACT GRANTS (up to $25,000) — Impact grants are larger grants aimed primarily at growing capacity, impact, and reach of existing multi-parish engagements and Ministry Networks engagements within and across particular Regions. While these grants may have an exploratory component, the expectation is that there must be a clear theory of change and desired outcomes.


These are suggested next steps before submitting your grant application. These are not mandatory.

  1. Identify your team mates in building out your entrepreneurial idea (g., people from other parishes, thought partners, Region Missionary, members of the Task Force or Granting Body, etc.)
  2. Use the grant application to support the development of your entrepreneurial idea.
  3. Avail yourself of Regionwide gatherings of Build Your Big Idea to learn from others who are in the process and to help you ask the right questions to give shape, form, and substance to your grant.
  4. Invite your Region Missionary and Region Leadership Team to review and comment on your grant before you submit it to the Region Entrepreneurial Fund Granting Body.