The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Clergy Family Assistance Program (CFAP)


Toll Free Telephone: 888-453-2327
Ronald N. Casey, Ph.D., Director
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Caring for Your Well-being

In the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, we understand many challenges are faced by our clergy, our lay employees, and the families of both. Through our Clergy and Family Assistance Program (CFAP), we coordinate services to bring you the right help when you need it most. Complementing traditional pastoral care and other programs, CFAP offers an added source of support and provides confidential access to the resources you may need.

Meeting Many Challenges


Members of the clergy, lay employees in the diocesan insurance plan, or family members of either are eligible to participate in CFAP. A wide range of services is available to help you.

Mental Health

Improve your psychological well-being through CFAP's assessment, referral and treatment services. CFAP also provides administrative assistance with insurers. Take advantage of:

  •  Individual therapy with a mental health professional.
  •  Couples and family therapy to improve your relationship with your spouse, partner or other family members.
Substance Abuse Treatment

Receive the support and direction needed to combat addiction.


Improve your professional well-being by participating with your peers in professionally-led groups. These clergy groups address a wide range of personal and professional issues. CFAP will also arrange consultations to help you resolve problematic pastoral relationships, pastoral counseling, or parish organizational issues.

Simple to Contact and Strictly Confidential 

You can make an appointment with just a telephone call. No referral is required. If you self-refer, no one will be informed of your contacting CFAP.

If you are referred by the bishop, bishop suffragan, or others in authority, only the fact that you followed through on the referral and whether a treatment plan was developed will be made known to the referral source.

In either case, the content of your discussions will not be disclosed to anyone without your written permission, except where such disclosure is required by law. Up to three sessions will be scheduled to evaluate your situation and recommend appropriate resources.

Fees and Insurance

There is no charge for your initial evaluation. Should additional outpatient mental health services be recommended, CFAP can help you locate a provider who is reimbursable under the terms of your healthcare plan.

Should inpatient or other services be recommended, CFAP will help you navigate the insurance system to find an appropriate resource and determine fees.

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut has a fund that also pays a portion of the costs of the clergy consultation groups.

Cigna Behavioral Health

If you are insured through the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (Church Medical Trust) plans, mental health and substance abuse services are managed by Cigna.

Cigna Behavioral Health maintains its own list of approved providers. If you choose to see a Cigna Behavioral Health provider for outpatient services, you may make your own arrangements for this treatment. A CFAP evaluation is available to you but is not required. This plan offers a benefit if you see a provider who is not contracted with Cigna Behavioral Health.

For additional information, please visit the CPG website,, or call Cigna Behavioral Health at 866-395-7794. You may also contact Dr. Casey at 888-453-2327 or

Contact Information

Ronald N. Casey, Ph.D., Director
Clergy and Family Assistance Program
147 Durham Road
Madison, CT 06443
Toll Free Telephone: 888-453-2327