The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

New Call Program


The New Call Program is a diocesan-led program for clergy in new cures, including both clergy new to the diocese and diocesan clergy. It provides clergy with tools for transition into a “new ministry,” in addition to strengthening relationships among participants and their connection to the diocese. The group meets monthly, September through May. Our bishops recommend this program and require that it be written into the letter of agreement.

Program Goals:

  • Provide a learning component related to transition, leadership and ministry.
  • Strengthen peer relationship and relationships with the bishops and the bishop’s staff.
  • Strengthen diocesan connections.

The Transition Period

A congregation is in transition from the time the priest announces his or her departure until the newly called priest arrives and has been in place for a year (or so). The incoming priest is transitioning as well, having left a parish, a ministry, a home, a community and a particular culture behind. This transition extends through the first year (or longer) of a new cure. For both priest and parish, it is a time of endings and beginnings—a time of sadness about what has been left behind and excitement about what the future will bring. The search committee, with diligence, sought a priest called by God to lead their parish successfully into the future. Congregational expectations are high. The priest, too, listened for a call and sought a parish with promise. His or her expectations are high. Priest and parish now meld their expectations, working together as together they transition into a new day.

Format of the New Call Program

In the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, participants usually meet from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. once per month from September to May. The group begins with prayer and Bible study, followed by a time to check-in with each other. The heart of the program is a transition-related learning session, usually an interactive presentation by a member of the bishop’s staff or an outside specialist. After lunch—which is provided—members share critical incidents related to issues that have arisen in their parishes. Meetings are generally held at The Commons in Meriden. Contact The Rev. Canon Lee Ann Tolzmann (  with any additional questions. 

2018-2019 Schedule

All sessions are on Thursdays - 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at The Commons. 

Joint Facilitators are:
September 20, 2018 The Rev. Canon Lee Ann Tolzmann  
October 18, 2018  *Meeting at Camp Washington The Rev. Link Hullar  
November 15, 2018    
December 13, 2018    
January 17, 2019    
February 21, 2019    
March 21, 2019    
May 9, 2019