The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Leaving Well Policy

Saying goodbye and letting go are difficult. To do both well helps insure a healthy transition to the interim period and later to the leadership of the newly called priest. The following guidelines, though often difficult for both priest and parish, provide a context for healthy disengagement and closure.

The priest must:

  • Remove all personal belongings from the church including books and vestments.
  • Give all parish keys and other parish belongings in his or her control to the wardens.
  • Give the discretionary fund and any other funds in his or her control to the wardens.

The priest will inform the wardens, vestry and congregation that he or she agrees:

  • Not to serve members of the congregation pastorally, nor listen to or comment on the activities of past, current or future clergy.
  • Not to be available to officiate at weddings, baptisms, funerals or other services at the former parish except by specific invitation of the interim priest or the newly called priest, and then only for a weighty cause.
  • Not to attend any social activities at the former parish unless invited by the interim priest or the newly called priest.

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