The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Insurance – Property & Casualty


Property and Casualty premiums support a variety of coverages from  different carriers. The ECCT insurance broker is Beecher Carlson. Rates are determined annually following end-of-year underwriting analysis.


Please find a copy of ECCT Summary of Insurance here: 2021 Insurance Summary


Clergy who live in church-owned housing must purchase Tenant’s Homeowners Coverage (Renter’s Insurance) to cover their personal property and personal liability. This is not provided nor has it ever been provided by current or past insurance programs of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (except for clergy personal effects, i.e. robes, communion kits, lectionaries, prayer books, etc.).


The federal government has admonished users of institutions including churches of the very serious safety issues regarding the use of 14-15 passenger (truck-type) vans. Many of our parishes use these for transporting young persons to youth events and for bringing older persons to church functions. It should be noted that these vehicles are designed to carry cargo but are cosmetically re-designed to carry people. “Rollover” rates are 3 times greater with 10 or more occupants and 7 times greater with more than 15 occupants and even greater when cargo/luggage is added to the occupant mix. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a pamphlet signaling the inherent risks in using these vans. The brochure is available online at and should be reviewed by all entities that use these vehicles. These vans are simply not safe modes of transportation for anyone young or old. It is our advice to replace these vans as soon as possible with 7 passenger mini-vans as an alternative mode of mass transit if such transportation is deemed necessary for your location. Short-term rentals of mini-vans for specific events are often the most economical solution.


To obtain in-transit coverage above the sub-limit of $500,000, please report fine arts and other insured personal property, including organs in excess of that value, please contact Matt Handi at or 203-639-3501, x107.


We strongly encourage parishes to equip all buildings with central station, early fire detection systems.  Your Insurance Board offers a financial incentive plan (one-half of the total system cost up to a maximum grant of $2,500) to assist parishes with the installation costs of this equipment plus other related protection devices. Please make this matter a priority at your parish and take advantage of the subsidy offer!


An Insurance Questionnaire form is sent each parish and must be completed and returned ASAP. The information included in this questionnaire is essential to obtaining quotes. When the form arrives, please make sure your form is completed and returned to Beecher Carlson as indicated. Please note that there are several questions regarding church activities on and off the premises that must be answered for the underwriters. The information from these questionnaires is an essential part of the quote process and is essential to ensuring that parish’s only pay for insurance that is needed. As parish programs change, risks change and this form is the only way we have of obtaining this information from the parishes.


Users (tenants) of church buildings who are not parish-sponsored must provide certificates of insurance indemnifying the church/bishop and the Episcopal Church in Connecticut for the building use. This is extremely important, especially where there are nursery and day care tenants. Exceptions to this mandate are Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops who are covered under a blanket policy which covers all locations and Twelve Step Programs (AA, NA, etc.) which are extensions of the rector/vicar’s ministry.


Requests for Certificates of Insurance for parish events, protection of leased equipment, etc. can be obtained by contacting Matt Handi in writing via email at