The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Sample Resolutions Regarding Property

Sample Resolution to Encumber

 WHEREAS The Vestry anticipates capital costs of XXX to alter/build/renovate/buy the property at XXX (address);

NOW THEREFORE, the Parish of XXX hereby authorizes the Vestry thereof to take such steps as necessary to borrow an amount not to exceed XXX through the Diocesan Revolving Loan Fund ( and/ or other places).  Funds from this borrowing are to be segregated and used solely for the intention of XXX as approved by the Vestry.


Certificate of Parish to Encumber a Lease

A Special full parish meeting of XXX Church was held on XXX in accordance with parish bylaws at which XXX made a motion that we accept a proposal from XXX to lease the property at XXX   in accordance with the agreement set forth on XXX. XXX seconded the motion.  A vote was taken.  It was decided by a vote of XX- XX to accept the proposal.

Respectfully submitted,


Certificate of a Parish to Secure a Loan not from the Diocese 

The Voting Members of XXX Church authorize the Vestry to borrow not more than XXX.  The primary purpose of the loan is to XXX .  The Rectory (or other church building) will be encumbered by XXX Bank for this loan.  The loan will be signed by the Wardens and Treasurer of St. XX.


Resolution to Alienate Property 

WHEREAS: The Vestry and the congregation of XXX has deemed it advantageous to sell its rectory (property) at XXX (address) at a sale price that would result in minimum net proceeds of XXX;

BE IT RESOLVED: The sale of the Rectory should proceed and the persons authorized to negotiate and approve final actions, with prior review and approval of the Vestry, are XXX, (Warden), XXX          ( Warden) and XXX (Treasurer.)  The persons authorized to sign the final documents are XXX, (Warden) or XXX (Warden).


[Also included in letter to Standing Committee, followed:  “The above resolution was passed by a vote of XXX- XXX in a Special Parish Meeting upon a motion duly made and seconded.

The above actions are hereby certified by :





Certificate to Alienate Property

RESOLVED ON XXX (date):  St. XXX (Church), at a Vestry meeting duly held in accordance with its by-laws, adopts this Certificate:


St. X, is hereby authorized to sell XXX located at XXX in XXX, CT.  The minimum net price to be gained from the sale is XXX.

XXX, Treasurer, is authorized to negotiate and approve final actions, and XXX, Warden, is authorized to sign final documents.



Parish Clerk