The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Overview of Process

  1. Parish locates application and guidelines on ECCT website, completes application and submits in electronic form to ECCT Administrative Assistant. (Currently, the Administrative Assistant managing these application is Karolyn Niccolaides
  2. The application is in the Administration folder in the File Repository.
  1. ECCT Admin Ass’t
    • Reviews application to ensure that it is complete and requests missing pieces from the parish.
    • Requests current financial status from Accounting
    • Forwards complete application and financial report to Canon for Mission Collaboration and Canon for Mission Support
  1. Canon for Mission Collaboration reviews and deploys member of the Property Committee for an on-site review of the project.  Property Committee member completes a written report and sends to Canon for Mission Collaboration.  This report is forwarded to ECCT Admin Ass’t and added to the application packet.
  1. Canon for Mission Support reviews application and forwards any comments to ECCT Admin Ass’t.  These are also added to the application packet.
  1. ECCT Admin Ass’t forwards entire packet (original application from parish, notes from Property Committee member’s site visit and Canon for Mission Finance & Operations) to the Loan Review Committee.
    • If the application is rejected, the Treasurer (who serves on the Loan Review Committtee)  informs Canons for Mission Collaboration and Finance & Operatons … and then informs the applicant.  They tell the applicant that the decision can be appealed to the Executive Council.)
  1. If accepted, the Loan Review Committee brings their affirmative recommendation to The Finance Committee for their approval.
    • If the Finance Committee rejects the application, the Treasurer informs the Canons for Mission Collaboration and Finance & Operations and then the applicant.  They tell the application that the decision can be appealed to the Executive Council.
  1. If accepted by the Finance Committee, the Finance Committee brings the matter to Executive Council (Finance Committee contacts Sec. of the Diocese to get it on the agenda) for the final approval.
  1. Executive Council votes on the recommended loan. If vote is affirmative, the Sec of Diocese contacts
    • The applicant
    • The Canons for Mission Collaboration and Mission Finance & Operations
    • The Accounting Office 
  1. The accounting office prepares the paperwork including terms of the loan and payment schedule and sends to the parish, copying the Canon for Mission Finance & Operations..


NOTE:  The Executive Council meets quarterly in Sept, Dec, Mar and June.  Only complete applications will be considered.