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    Fill Out the Waiver Application Here!

    A temporary waiver application of assessments that must be paid for clergy participating in The Church Pension Fund Clergy Pension Plan. 

    1. All CPG applications request for a waiver should be sent to the Canon for Mission Finance & Operations, Rosanna Rosado and cc Operations Manager, Matt Handi
    2. Be sure to fill out the waiver application in full, including certification check boxes, diocesan contact (Canon for Mission Finance and Operations), clergy information and period of temporary waiver.
    3. Submit with E-Mail Subject Line: CPG Pension Waiver, and the Parish Name. 
    4. Upon receipt and review, Bishop Ian T. Douglas will approve the application and it will be sent directly to the CPG Region Manager, Akina Warner.
  • CPG Covid-19 FAQ's
  • CPG Coronavirus Response
  • CPG Waiver Description, March 23, 2020
Statewide Government COVID-19 Resources

State of Connecticut Housing Assistance

This program is also applicable to parishes that have difficulties making mortgage payments on their rectories. If a parish seeks assistance with paying rent, the priest or the occupant of the apartment must directly apply. This program is not a welfare or a public housing program, it is a temporary relief program. In addition to state assistance, some local municipalities offer additional aid for foreclosures and back rent which existed prior to the CARES Act (dates prior to March 2020). 

Temporary Rental Assistance Program (flyer)

Temporary Mortgage Assistance Program (flyer)

Federal Government COVID-19 Resources
COVID-19 Messages from Donations and Bequests
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