The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Arts Ministry Network


Arts Ministry Network


Building community, fostering collaboration, embodying creativity and deepening communication through the arts.


"If life were clear, art would not exist. Art helps us pierce the opacity of the world."
If religion were clear, art would not be a vitally necessary ministry of the church! Art helps us illuminate all the various opacities of religion, of religious communities to each other and of ourselves.


Art believes in getting specific:

Ekklesia Ballet: Holy Trinity Middletown
Interplay: Epiphany, Durham
Page literary Journal: St Paul's Bantam
Art makes deeper theological dialogue possible; it EMBODIES questions rather than providing answers and fosters communication and meaning making across all ministries.

 ECCT parishes that have active members in this Ministry Network

Holy Trinity Middletown
Epiphany Durham
St. Paul's Bantam

Other partners of the Ministry Network (churches, faith groups, civic or community groups & organizations, etc.)

Ekklesia Ballet
First Church, Middletown (UCC)
South Church, Middletown (UCC)
Community Health Center Middletown

When and where do you hold regular meetings? List if applicable.

Amici's Italian Grill

When and where do you hold regular public events? List if applicable.

Many places
Ecclesia Ballet performing at 3PM on Mar 22 at Holy Trinity, Middletown. A performance that visually explores issues of mental illness, followed by a discussion from a local mental health professional and a theologian, followed by a second viewing of the same dance piece to see what MORE we can see.

Other important information to note about the Ministry Network

We are currently connecting w poets, choreographers, musicians, theater artists, storytellers and media artists

Primary contact for Ministry Network

Rev Mary Russell Barnett

Contact phone Number

(203) 915-0561

Contact email address

Secondary contact for Ministry Network

Katy Forline

Contact phone Number

(860) 930-0890

Contact email address