The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Conspicuous Love

Focus: To love and serve Jesus in all people, regardless of color, religion, sexual preference, or substance addictions, especially those in need and on the streets of Middletown.  

Scope: We share God's love with those communities bound by the river and all who we encounter, especially those most often overlooked or ignored.


Meeting information:

  • Regular Meetings: at Trinity, Portland as needed.
  • Events: St. Vincent DePaul Place, Middletown (services & lunch every Saturday during winter); Main Street, Middletown (services & lunch every Saturday in warmer weather)

ECCT parishes active: Trinity, Portland; Church of the Holy Trinity, Middletown; Epiphany, Durham

Other Partners: Streetfire Ministries; Grace & Mercy Ministries

Other Information: The name reflects the thought process behind our first event. We will always be open to new ways of serving "conspicuously" in the community. We are learning to be apostles and believe that meeting those in need where they are at is a powerful statement for the community to witness.