The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Holy Landers

Focus: Holy Landers is a network that focuses on deepening our faith through our connection to our Holy Land while at the same time raising awareness of our Holy Land and its peoples--their cries for peace, the ever-decreasing numbers of Christians, the needs of Palestinian peoples, the work of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem in providing basic medical and educational resources for all peoples--and connects people and parishes to these critical needs.

ScopeHoly Landers raises awareness of our Holy Land through the work of Jerusalem Peace Builders and the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem--both of which have connections to ECCT. Our plan is to promote Holy Land pilgrimages and connect ECCT peoples to them. We will be providing educational presentations of our Holy Land to parishes and at an upcoming Second Sunday program at Camp Washington. A Spring Training workshop will also be offered to connect participants with the ministries of local Episcopal organizations actively engaged with the Holy Land. Through all of our work we hope to connect people more deeply to the Biblical stories of the land where Jesus walked and lived and to increase their understanding of their own connection to the land and its peoples.


Meeting information:

  • Regular Meetings:Bi-monthly at the Commons
  • Events: Spring Training, April 2018; Camp Washington upcoming Second Sunday Program, October 2018

ECCT parishes active: Church of the Holy Spirit, West Haven; St. Luke's, Darien; St. Mark's, New Canaan; St. Paul's, Brookfield; St. John's, West Hartford; Trinity, Collinsville; Christ Church, Guilford

Other Partners: American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem; Jerusalem Peacebuilders; ECCT Interfaith Network