The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

New Life Journey

Focus: New Life Journey is a faith based recovery support community rooted in fellowship, compassion, and a desire to thrive together.

ScopeWe at New Life Journey are committed to these principles:

  • It is through community that we are able to establish a lifelong platform for flourishing, thereby enabling us to kindle the life we were created for; a life rooted in the fundamental concepts of loving self and others with purpose.
    We are comprised of human beings who desire to connect, who have a voice with which to be heard, and who thrive only in an environment that honors each as an integral part of  a collective whole.
  • We are people from all walks of life who recognize that although our experiences influence and mold us, we are not limited to or confined by our stories. Every person has infinite value and is worthy of being heard.
    Recovery is not a term exclusive to substance use disorders – it is a process applicable to the vast diversity of humanity in our various stages of life.
  • We are one humanity, all drinking from the same cup. The universal language of “LOVE” unites us.
  • Let us live a life of love and purpose, doing what we were all put here to do together.


Meeting information:

  • Regular Meetings:The board meets on Thursdays to handle administrative and program related concerns before the Ministry Fellowship on Friday.
  • Ministry Fellowship Meetings: Ministry Fellowship meets on Fridays. Often a speaker will come to talk about a topic determined by the participants beforehand. After the talk, the participants break off into groups and discuss its spiritual impact on people's lives. We typically meet from 7:00 - 8:30.

ECCT parishes active: Trinity, Portland; Epiphany, Durham; Church of Holy Trinity, Middletown

Other Partners: We are a strong ecumenical network that has intimate ties in the Episcopal Church and in other ecumenical faith groups, including:

  • Streetfire Ministries
  • Grace and Mercy Family Ministries
  • Cross Street AME Zion Church
  • Faith Christian Assembly 
  • City Church Middletown
  • Stonehaven Division of Hartford Health