The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut


FocusThe Poetry Network is a ministry of people who create poetry and gather to share it with others.

ScopeThe Poetry Network supports the fellowship and companionship of poets across ECCT, especially as they create art that speaks to the integration of faith and culture. As the church moves into a new missional age, the Poetry Network grapples with new cultural realities through their art and collaboration with each other. This may happen on Poetry


Meeting information:

  • Regular Meetings: The network meets at least twice a year, but prefers organic and collaborative meetings to share art that the network has created.
  • Public Events: On Poetry Sundays, poets weave poetic responses to the propers for the day into the Eucharist. This practice started at St. Mark's in New Britain, expanded into Christ Church, Norwich, and is seeking to expand into the heart of ECCT. The Poetry Network seeks to supplement the life of faith with the dynamism of art.

ECCT parishes active: St. Mark's, New Britain; Christ Church, Norwich

Other Information:If you are interested in creating and sharing art with others and gaining a network of friends and artists, join us!

Sample Poetry: Here's a sample of our work from our own diocesan poet, Dr. Barbara Campbell:

I am learning
here, now are the days
  of the early church as it was
     before Emperor Constantine
        declared Christianity the state religion.

Some today have known and know Jesus.
  Others know those who did.
     Others are drawn into the story.
Some hear pieces of the story
  and don't know the context.
     Some who hear, rebel and fight against it.
        Some have never heard the story.

Some who know the story
  want to, need to tell the story.

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
  They, we, I will see how The Story
     fits in today's context
        and pray to tell it accordingly.

From "Disappearing Church"
By Barbara A. Campbell, Ph.D.
Connecticut's Diocesan Poet