The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

In 2019, Public Acts 10-16 and 19-93 were signed broadening the requirement for employee training on sexual harassment policies. The Act requires all organizations with three or more employees to provide mandatory two-hour sexual harassment prevention training to all employees and supervisors.

Employers are required to provide new employees with a copy of information regarding the illegality of sexual harassment and remedies available to victims. This document has been created by the Commission Human Rights and Opportunities.

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Free two hour training can be accessed HERE.  

Frequently Asked Question Regarding Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  1. I am canonically resident clergy of Connecticut and do not work in Connecticut, do I have to participate?

Canonically resident clergy working in other states are encouraged to participate in a sexual harassment prevention training and are not mandated by the State of Connecticut. These employees are encouraged to look into their obligations in their employers’ state.

  1. I am canonically resident in another state but work in Connecticut. Do I have to participate?

Yes, all active employees working for an employer in Connecticut that has three or more employees are mandated by the state to participate. All supervisors regardless of employee head count are required to participate in this training.

  1. Who is ECCT considering a supervisor?

ECCT is considering Clergy, Senior Wardens, Junior Wardens, and any employees of a parish within Connecticut who supervise another employee as supervisors.

  1. I am a volunteer. Do I have to participate?

The online Sexual Harassment Training program through the State of Connecticut is free and available for anyone who wishes to participate. This training is not mandated for volunteers in our parishes.

  1. I have participated in Safe Church Training. Does this count?

ECCT’s Safe Church Training courses does not satisfy this requirement. The topic of sexual harassment is not specially covered in ECCT’s current Safe Church Training. The Episcopal Church has designated a task force, of which Bishop Laura serves, to create policies and training materials for the church that are expected to be ratified at General Convention 2021.

  1. Who needs to track that I completed the mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention training?

ECCT is not tracking this training. Employees are encouraged to share their certificate of completion with their employers. Parishes should keep documentation. A possible place for this document is in an employee file.