The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut


The 231st Convention held an election* for two seats in the Lay order (3 year terms) and two seats in the Clerical order (3 year terms) on the Standing Committee. Below you will find the bios for the candidates and the positions for which they are seeking election at this year's Annual Convention. In addition, you can view the bodies of the various boards and committees elected at this year's Convention.

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*The change to electing two members of Standing Committee in each order and the switch to three-year terms was adopted in Resolution 4.

Standing Committee | Lay Order

James Myslik

James MyslikThree Year Term

Present Involvement in EC CT
Parishioner of St. John’s, Essex: Choir, World Mission Committee, Commission on Mission, Gifts with Purpose (program chair).

Community Involvement
Middlesex Habitat for Humanity volunteer, Shoreline Soup Kitchen & Pantries volunteer.

Personal Statement
The Episcopal Church has played a central part of my life since I was young. It has shaped me and has been a source of inspiration, stability and community. By serving on the Standing Committee, I hope to foster good stewardship of our assets – the Gospel, Anglican rites & traditions, and church properties – to sustain the Church for future generations.

Nancy Meyers Staniewicz

Three Year Term

Present Involvement in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut:
I have been a member of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit (and its predecessor Christ Episcopal Church) for over thirty years. Currently I serve on its Vestry, as director of the Altar Guild, a member of the Property Committee, as a reader/intercessor and its convention delegate. In past years I have served as junior warden and taught in the church school. As junior warden, I oversaw the sale of two parish properties. I also served as senior warden of Christ Church during the parish’s merger with St. Johns by the Sea and was elected as the first senior warden at Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit.

Community Involvement:
When my sons were younger, I served as a Cub Scout Den Mother and as the president of the Home School Association of their parochial school.

Personal Statement:
I am honored to run for Standing Committee. As a life long member of the Episcopal Church, I grew up attending church school, YPF and participating in Youth Choir. I witnessed my parents’ devotion to serving their parish in ways small and grand. As an adult, I have strived to match their example. I find reward in so many aspects of church life; whether setting the table for communion, working with others to beautify the parish’s grounds, listening to the children sing songs of praise or chatting with an old friend. In the many roles, I have taken on within my parish; I feel that my strongest attribute is my ability to connect with the people, to motivate them to become involved in activities and to stand together through adversity and triumph. I offer all that I have learned to the people of the Diocese and pray to learn more through service on the Standing Committee.

Standing Committee | Clerical Order

The Rev. Rowena Jessica Kemp

Three Year TermThe Rev. Rowena Kemp

Present Involvement in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut:
Assistant Rector of Trinity on the Green, New Haven
Taskforce for Reimagining the Episcopal Church-CT (TREC-CT)
Board Member of the Episcopal Church at Yale
Camp Washington Chaplain

Community Involvement:
Girls’ Friendly Society USA – National Chaplain; part of an international, not for profit, faith-based organization for girls and women that values the richness of a diverse community and serving Christ through local and international collaborative service projects.

 Heads Up Hartford – Camp Counselor and Spiritual Director; a faith-based group of urban and suburban youth who come together for a week long camp that promotes diversity, develops leadership and provides community service.

 Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers – Board Member; an organization that helps faith communities create and manage elder care groups within their own organizations for wellness visits and transportation. 

Personal Statement:
After a time of prayer and reflection, I am honored to accept this nomination to continue to serve ECCT as together we discern how God is calling us in this exciting time of reimagining and collaboration. I served almost twelve years ago as a lay member of the Executive Council and that experience as well as my time as a Presbyter in the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry along with a lifetime in the church, whether in The Bahamas or here in Connecticut, has allowed me to continue to offer my gifts for the greater church.

The Rev. Amy Welin

Three Year Term

Present Involvement in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut:
Co-Convener, ConnECA (Episcopal clergy association)
TREC-CT Task Group, At-Large Member
Assistant Secretary, Diocesan Convention
Clergy Women's Retreat, Task Group

Community Involvement:
James and Phyllis Tracy Foundation, Scholarship Committee
Concerned Black Clergy of Waterbury, Member  

I have served in parish ministry for 11 years, largely in parishes facing significant challenges. I am an organized administrator and a compassionate pastor.  

Personal Statement:
I have served the Episcopal Church in Connecticut in a variety of capacities since my ordination. I would be pleased to serve as a member of the Standing Committee, as I am committed to the well-being and integrity of our diocese and seek a balanced approach to advancing God's mission, both now and in the future.  

Boards & Committees

Standing Committee

The Rev. Alex Dyer (President) A. Bates Lyons (Secretary)
The Rev. Richard Maxwell Joseph Carroll, Jr.
The Rev. Diana Rogers Ed Seibert
The Rev. Tracy Johnson Russell Kim Polhemus
The Rev. Rowena Kemp Jim Myslik
The Rev. Amy Welin Nancy Staniewicz


Commission on Ministry

The Rev. Harlon Dalton The Rev. Carlos de la Torre
Tokunbo Green Nancy Horn
The Rev. Maureen Lederman The Rev. Tom Mariconda
The Rev. David McIntosh (chair) The Rev. C.J. Puskarz
The Rev. Marissa Rohrbach Gray Sawyer
The Rev. Debra Slade Dan Taylor-Stypa
Rebecca Trautmann  


Disciplinary Board

The Rev. Ted Pardoe Donna Hyrb
The Rev. Robert Taylor The Rev. Joseph Pace
The Rev. Page Rogers Denise Holl
Eric Rennie The Rev. Linda Spiers
Tokunbo Green  


Cathedral Chapter

Clergy Elected By Convention

The Rev. Michel Belt The Rev. Jack Gilpin
The Rev. Sharon Gracen The Rev. Enrique Irizarry
The Rev. Eddie Lopez The Rev. Heidi Truax
The Rev. Elsa Worth The Rev. Jonathan Folts
The Rev. Perry Perine The Rev. Amy Welin


Laity Elected by Convention

Bart Gessinger Maggie Gunther Osborne


Laity Elected by Cathedral Congregation (Election to take place in January 2016)

Lucy Groening Pat Wrice
Joan Bolton Carlene Taylor
Elba Bonie Rios Daniel Kingman (secretary)
Janice Faulkner Bernard Senior
Courtney Hanson