The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut


Participating in God's mission of restoration and reconciliation.

In the words of our current Presiding Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry, "Jesus came and started a movement and we are the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement."

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut is part of that - you might say that we are the Connecticut Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement.

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut ("ECCT") is the collective witness of its 168 parishes and worshiping communities across the state. We believe that in our Baptism, we are co-missioned to participate in God's mission of restoring and reconciling the world. We recognize the changes taking place in our society and in the institution of the church, and we are listening to where God is active so that we can join God's work of restoration and reconciliation. We are learning how to "travel lightly, into the neighborhood, following Jesus."

The basic unit of the Episcopal Church is the diocese, a geographic area. It is headed by a bishop. (The word "Episcopal" comes from the Greek "episcopos" meaning overseer). Our diocesan bishop is the Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas, 15th bishop of Connecticut.

He works with the Rt. Rev. Laura J. Ahrens, Bishop Suffragan. Based on 2013 parish reports, there are about 54,000 active baptized members in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut and average Sunday attendance is about 16,000. The annual business meeting of the diocese is called the Annual Convention, and takes place in October or November.

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut is one of over 100 domestic and overseas dioceses in The Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Church is one of 38 Episcopal or Anglican churches around the world that comprise the worldwide Anglican Communion.

God's Mission

(100 Word Version)

God loved into creation -
the universe, earth, humanity. It
was diverse, and it was good.

Human sin entered and distorted
our relationship with God, one
another, and creation. 

God yearns to make all whole
again. This is God's mission. 

God chose and liberated a people, 
sent the law and the prophets. 

God came in Jesus, fully
human and fully divine. 

In Jesus' life, death and 
resurrection we are restored to
unity with God and each other. 

God sent the Holy Spirit, 
empowering the Body of Christ.

God co-missions us in 
baptism to participate in God's 
mission of restoration and