The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Leadership Gathering

Beginning in February 2013, the four elected bodies with canonical, fiduciary and leadership responsibilities for our Diocese meet together four times a year. These bodies are listed below. For more info on each, see the Governance section. 

Commission on Ministry 

A canonically established body that supports the ministry of all the baptized and has particular responsibility for the raising up and formation of ordained leaders for the Church.  Members are appointed by the Bishops and their appointments are ratified annually at Convention.

Executive Council  

The Council that oversees the work of our diocese between Conventions including work given to the Council by Convention as well as oversight over the budget. The elected members of the Council also serve as the Board of Directors for Camp Washington and the Missionary Society (the body which holds the assets of our diocese). As such they approve the budget of Camp and the dispersal of grants from Missionary Society funds. Members are elected by deanery or appointed (at-large) by the Bishops. This Council is ending June 30, 2016 and will be replaced by a Mission Council with membership from Regions and Ministry Networks.

Donations & Bequests 

The board of Donations and Bequests oversees the financial investments held by our Diocese. It is a fully independent corporation whose sole charted purpose is the stewardship of our diocesan investments, and it elects its own membership. 

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee acts a council of advice to the bishop, considers ecclesiastical matters (including ordinations), authorizes and ratifies elections of bishops between General Conventions, oversees diocesan real estate matters, and handles other related matters according to Episcopal Church and Diocesan Canons. Clerical and a lay representative are elected each year at Convention.