The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut


In 2016, the Episcopal Church reorganized into six geographic Regions - formerly 14 deaneries - to facilitate greater collaboration. A Region Convocation was held in the first six months of 2016 in each Region to establish initial leadership, select one lay and one ordained person to serve on ECCT's Mission Council, and to form a team to recruit a Region Missionary. (What's my Region? Link here)

Regions in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut:

What is a Region?

A Region is the common witness of a geographic area in ECCT.

  • There are six geographic Regions
  • Each Region provides a lay and clergy person to serve as member of the Mission Council.
  • Each Region establishes its own leadership structure
  • Each Region will have a Region Missionary (funded by the ECCT)
  • Each Region will meet at least once a year to raise up members for the Mission Council, and meet more often as the Region determines.

What is a Region Missionary?

A Region Missionary is has the assignment of helping the people, parishes, worshiping communities and Ministry Networks in a Region to catalyze, connect, convene and build capability. They can be lay or ordained. Note: These are "Region Missionaries," not "Regional" 

For more information and an introduction to the Region Missionaries, please click here.