The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Archives of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut

The Archives of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut is the official repository for records created by and about the diocese, its related bodies, and individual Episcopalians. We are required by canon to keep a complete record of all the Episcopal Acts of the bishops. Our mission is to identify, collect, preserve, classify, and make available the records of the ongoing life and work of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. We also offer reference service to Diocesan staff, clergy, laity and the general public. The Archives was created by resolution at the diocesan convention in 1866, and its resources exist as a part of the broader mission to support community life and parish work in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

Contact Info

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut Archives
The Commons
290 Pratt Street, Box 52
Meriden, CT

203-639-3501 x135

Our Staff

Greg Farr Archivist 203-639-3501

The diocesan library and archives are the official repository of Episcopal Acts, publications, and otherhistorical documents of the Diocese of Connecticut.

  • The archivist is available to visit and assist parish archivists/historians in organizing, conserving, and cataloging parish documents on site.

Reference and research requests 

  • The archives staff supports the diocesan staff, individuals, parishes and the general public. Due to staffing constraints, we cannot conduct extensive research for outside users. We will be glad to answer well-defined questions as time permits. The archives may be used for reference and extensive scholarly research by appointment.
  •  Prior to submitting a question to the archives, please bear in mind that the diocesan archives generally does not maintain the sacramental records of most parishes, nor is there a central index for these. First contact individual parishes for information about baptisms, marriages, and burials.
  • The exceptions are the sacramental records of closed congregations that have been transferred to the diocesan archives for permanent retention. Vital records are considered confidential legal documents and, as such, are subject to the 80 year rule. Inquiries must be accompanied by proof of identification.
  • The Archives no longer provides free and extensive genealogical research, and genealogists are encouraged to contact the Connecticut State Library’s History and Genealogy Division at 860-757-6677 or for answers to such questions. Another resource is the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, at They maintain family research centers around the country, and a patron can rent a microfilm for about $5 per month.

Access to collection materials is based on

  • Restrictions due to confidentiality
  • Physical condition of the material



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