The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Alison Hollo, Office of the Episcopate

There are two bishops serving the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

The bishop diocesan is the Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas, elected in 2009 and consecrated in 2010. The Bishop Suffragan is the Rt. Rev. Laura J. Ahrens, elected and consecrated in 2007. The bishops meet regularly and work together in a shared episcopal ministry. In addition, each has assigned responsibility for specific areas of ministry and specific organizations and networks.

Alison Hollo is Senior Administrator for the Office of the Episcopate and Personal Assistant to the Bishop Diocesan. Alison is responsible for providing primary administrative for the unified office of the bishops in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. As such, she provides programmatic assistance and coordination for common activities related to the Bishop Diocesan and Bishop Suffragan. In addition, the Senior Administrator provides direct personal support to the Bishop Diocesan in matters of communication, scheduling, clergy care, and institutional advancement. 

Contact Info

Office of the Episcopate
The Episcopal Church in Connecticut
The Commons
290 Pratt Street, Box 52
Meriden, CT 06450

203-639-3501 x112

Our Staff

Alison Hollo Senior Administrator for the Office of the Episcopate 203-639-3501 x112


  • bishops & laity dinners
  • bishops & wardens dinners
  • canonical residency (and letters dimissory)
  • clericus meetings
  • confirmations
  • death notices
  • eucharistic ministry licensing
  • marriage judgments
  • reaffirmation (of vows made at confirmation)
  • reception into The Episcopal Church
  • scholarships for children of clergy
  • visitations (bishop visitations to parishes)

Helpful Links


  • Letter from the Bishops about Confirmation (August, 2014)
  • Current confirmation information
  • Please request certificates for Confirmation and Reception by email from Alison Hollo (We do not have certificates for reaffirmation.) No need to provide the names of those being confirmed and received; you will receive blank certificates signed by the confirming bishop and can fill in your candidates' names. You will also receive a report form to complete with the names of those confirmed, received and reaffirmed; please send the report form back to The Commons.



Episcopal Epistles

Letters from the bishops to the clergy in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut

Pastoral/Instructional Letters