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Secretary of Convention

The Secretary of Convention is an elected officer of the Annual Convention and is the chair of the Convention Planning Committee. Along with the Planning Committee, the Secretary of Convention has oversight over all aspects of Convention, from the Call to Convention that goes to all parishes and clergy to the Journal of Convention published after the Annual Convention, and everything in between. The current Secretary of Convention is the Rev. Adam Yates.

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The Rev. Adam Yates Secretary of Convention 203-639-3501


When will the Journal for the Annual Convention be released?

  • Due to the fact that Parochial Statistics are included in the Journal of Convention, the release of the Journal for any given Convention is dictated by the availability of those statistics which come directly from the Parochial Reports that parishes complete every year. A final version of the statistics for a given year is typically not available until August/September of the following year. Therefore, the Journal of any given Annual Convention isn’t typically available until the early Fall of the following year.

I have cool ideas for our Annual Convention, can I get involved with planning?

  • Absolutely! We love new ideas and are always happy to welcome new voices onto the planning committee. Please contact the Secretary to get your name added to the planning committee.

Why do we hold Annual Convention at a conference center instead of a church?

  • This is an interesting question, and the simple answer is because the Annual Convention wouldn’t fit in our Cathedral or other church in the state. When we first moved the Annual Convention out of the Cathedral, it was to try on the possibilities that a larger and more flexible space would allow for the way that we conduct the business of our common life. When we made this move, something unexpected and wonderful happened--far more people attended Annual Convention than had attended in years past and far more than would fit if we were to try and move back into a church setting. We made the space and people came!

I’m not a delegate to Annual Convention or a canonically resident clergy, can I still come?

  • Yes! We think that what happens at Annual Convention is important in the life of our church and believe that anyone who is interested should be able to attend and participate. Only voting members can vote (delegates, canonically resident clergy, certain committees, etc), but anyone who attends can participate in discussion and debate as well as enjoying the company of over 600 wonderful Episcopalians. 

What is your idea of a perfect date?

  • That’s an easy question--long walks through the vendor hall and a candlelight dinner where we read out loud our favorite passages from Robert’s Rules of Order.


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