The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Sandra Cosman, Secretary of the Diocese and Mission Council

The Secretary of the Diocese is elected annually at the Annual Convention. There is no limit to the number of terms served. The Rev. Sandra Cosman is the current Secretary of the Diocese (elected 2014). She also serves as Secretary of the Executive Council. 

Contact Info

The Commons
The Episcopal Church in Connecticut
290 Pratt Street, Box 52
Meriden, CT 06450

203-639-3501 x117

Our Staff

The Rev. Sandra Cosman Secretary of the Diocese & Executive Council 203-639-3501

Secretary of the Diocese

  •  provide parishes and other affiliates with 501c3 certification & provide notarized proof of status
  •  prepare the rolls of clergy and lay delegates of Convention
  •  makes changes to the numbering of canons as required by resolutions or amendments
  •  ensure that no one serves simultaneously on Standing Committee, Executive Council or Provincial Synod
  •  publish, every 5th year, a list of the names of parishes in the Diocese that have changed
  •  serve as an officer of the Diocese and Camp Washington, Inc. and, in that role, occasionally execute documents on behalf of those entities and otherwise represent those entities within the sphere of his/her authority.

Secretary of the Executive Council and the Missionary Society 

(traditionally, the Secretary of the Diocese has served as Secretary of the Executive Council and the Missionary Society)

  • attend and take minutes at all Executive Council meetings and Missionary Society meetings
  • work with other members of Council and Society and Diocesan staff to organize agendas for and to plan meetings
  • provide Executive Council and Society members with resources necessary to accomplish their work in a timely fashion
  • maintain records of the work of Executive Council and the Missionary Society that are shared with members & archives
  • maintain the list and contact information for current Council and Society members
  • endeavor to fill any vacancies in membership of the Council or the Society
  • orient new members to the life and work of the Council and the Society


Does Secretary mean that we should contact you for any general questions?

  • No, Secretary of the Diocese, means Secretary in the corporate sense. The Secretary of the Diocese is an officer of the corporation, and therefore, entrusted with particular administrative duties related to corporate governance. For a listing of who to contact on staff for a particular item, please click here.

My parish recently received a bequest and the bank requires proof of our tax-exempt status?

  • Please email Sandra with the name of your parish and the email address of the people to whom the material should be sent she will provide you with the necessary information.

A vendor our parish works with requires proof of our tax exempt status. What information do we need to provide them?

  • Please email Sandra and she can provide you with documentation.

Where can I find information about the next Joint Leadership Meeting?

  • Emails with all relevant material for Joint Leadership Meetings are sent monthly. If you are a member of Executive Council, Standing Committee, Commission on Ministry or Donations & Bequests and did not receive an email within the last month, please email Sandra, so she can add you to the list.
  • Public updates are shared via Diocesan News after each meeting.
  • Approved Minutes from past Executive Council Meetings can be found here.

My parish has just elected new delegates for Annual Convention, how do I notify you of that information?

  • Please fill out the Parish Information Sheet online here.

How many delegates is my parish entitled to send to Annual Convention?

  • Each parish is entitled to send one delegate. Each with 200 or more communicants in good standing is entitled to send an additional delegate. A change was proposed and approved at the 2013 Annual Convention to allow each parish to send two, but as this is a Constitutional change it requires a second round of approval at the 2014 Annual Convention.

I am a clergy person who has lost my vote at Annual Convention due to successive absences without permission from the Bishop. How do I regain my voting privileges?


  • 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt status
  • canons of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut
  • canons of The Episcopal Church
  • executive council
  • joint leadership group
  • missionary society
  • tax-exempt certificate for parishes

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