The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Commission on Ministry

A canonically established body that supports the ministry of all the baptized and has particular responsibility for the raising up and formation of ordained leaders for the Church.  Members are appointed by the Bishops and their appointments are ratified annually at Convention.


The Rev. Steven Klots, Co-chair for Ordained Ministry

Ms. Patricia Leonard, Co-chair for Lay Ministry

Deborah G. Kenney, Administrator for Ordination Processes & Communication

Interested in Diaconate or Priesthood?

Please view an overview of the ordination process here. If you would like to inquire about a vocation to the priesthood or the diaconate, please contact the Dean of Formation.  

The Commission on Ministry's work entails:

  • Developing resources to support the ministry of all the baptized
  • Overseeing those already in the process for ordination to the Priesthood and the Diaconate
  • Implementing and evaluating the Provisional Process for Ordination to the Priesthood 

From the Canons:

TITLE III, CANON 2: Of Commissions on Ministry

Sec. 1. In each Diocese there shall be a Commission on Ministry ("Commission") consisting of Priests, Deacons, if any, and Lay Persons. The Canons of each Diocese shall provide for the number of members, terms of office, and manner of selection to the Commission. 
Sec. 2. The Commission shall advise and assist the Bishop:
(a) In the implementation of Title III of these Canons.
(b) In the determination of present and future opportunities and needs for the ministry of all baptized persons.
(c) In the design and oversight of the ongoing process for recruitment, discernment, formation for ministry, and assessment of readiness therefore.
Sec. 3. The Commission may adopt rules for its work, subject to the approval of the Bishop; Provided that they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Canons of this Church and of the Diocese.
Sec. 4. The Commission may establish committees consisting of members and other persons to report to the Commission or to act on its behalf.
Sec. 5. The Bishop and Commission shall ensure that the members of the Commission and its committees receive ongoing education and training for their work.