The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Donations & Bequests for Church Purposes, Inc.

Donations and Bequests for Church Purposes, Inc. (“D&B”) was established in 1863 by act of Connecticut’s legislature. Its organizing purpose was to manage, invest, reinvest, sell convey and transfer gifts, devices, and bequests for support of the institutions, parishes, and missionary work of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the diocese of Connecticut.  
Over its 156 year history, D&B has acted as a fiduciary agent for Episcopal parishes in Connecticut (“ECCT”) and as a trustee for donors making bequests to support specific aspects of the mission of God in Connecticut and beyond. Today the D&B has 131 participants consisting of 120 parishes and 11 diocesan related organizations hold over 400 separate accounts in the fund with a combined market value of approximately $150 million.  In addition to the Balanced Fund we offer the opportunity for the participants to invest in Values Investing Funds, ESG Environmental, Social and Governance.  

D&B provides personal concierge-based services to each of its participants, providing high-quality client service that is responsive, timely, and wherever possible, proactive. The Director of Operations of D&B will work with participants in the on-boarding process to facilitate a seamless transition and serves as a liaison between the participants, board of Trustees and Investment Advisors. In addition, we provide archival serves for the preservation of historic documents.
D&B is located at the Episcopal Church in Connecticut’s office The Common’s 290 Pratt Street, Meriden, CT 06450 phone 203-639-3501 x125.

In 2014, D&B engaged the US Trust division of Bank of America Private Bank to provide investment advisory, custodial, reporting, and related transaction processing services. US Trust, like D&B, had a very long and distinguished history since its founding 1853 in providing investment advisory, wealth management and other banking services to not-for-profit organizations, high net worth individuals and institutions. 

Purpose Statement  The purpose of D&B is to manage endowment, bequests, and assets of the parishes, institutions and Missionary Society of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut by investing sustainably and providing prudent oversight of the funds in its care in order to more faithfully participate in God's mission.

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