The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Values Investing Fund

Values Investing product now available for D&B participants 

The Trustees of Donations & Bequests (D&B) made a new investment option available to ECCT parishes starting in late 2018. The “Values Investing Fund” is intended to provide parishes an opportunity to direct their investment dollars towards corporations that have acted in a way that is consistent with Episcopal values in a number of dimensions:

  • These corporations have adapted their operations and distribution practices to reduce their environmental impact.
  • They have pursued employment practices, workplace standards and subcontractor agreements that provide for reasonable working conditions. Their products and services provide clear benefits to their customers. They are active supporters of their communities.
  • They have adopted enlightened corporate governance practices:
    • With corporate boards made up of individuals with diverse personal backgrounds and professional experiences,
    • With board-level oversight of a robust set of management practices and business risks.

D&B’s new “Values Investing Fund” is representative of “ESG” funds that screen potential investment options based on their Environmental, Social justice and corporate Governance characteristics. ESG funds are a very rapidly growing investment category, particularly among foundations and not-for-profit organizations. ESG funds have experienced investment performance comparable to other investment funds with comparable asset allocations. This has been true for the investment vehicle selected by D&B Trustees for D&B’s Values Investing Fund. Like D&B’s Balance Return Fund, the Values Investing Fund has a target asset allocation of 57% corporate stocks, 35% fixed income securities, 5% tangible assets and 3% cash. ECCT’s Missionary Society Board has elected to be the initial participant in D&B’s new Values Investing Fund.

Parishes interested in learning more about how they can invest in a manner that is consistent with Episcopalian values should contact D&B Secretary Theresa Dupont (, or 203-639-3501, ext. 125) for more information.