The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Values Investing Fund- ESG investing

ESG Investing product now available for D&B participants.  D&B is committed to safeguarding the principal of our endowment funds and generating risk-adjusted competitive investment returns while upholding the highest standards of integrity and fiduciary responsibility and advocating for good corporate governance practices.
In 2018, D&B's Trustees established a new investment option available to our participants.  Guided by the values of the Episcopal Church, the Values Investing Fund was tailored to make investments which create shareholder value and support sustainable environmental stewardship, equitable social justice and responsibility, and best practices in corporate governance ("ESG").   
D&B identifies ESG-related investments in several dimensions, including:  
•    Corporations which have adapted operations and distribution practices to reduce their environmental impact.
•    Companies which pursue employment practices, workplace standards and subcontractor agreements that provide for reasonable working conditions; offer products and services which provide clear benefits to their customers; and are active supporters of their communities.
•    Organizations that have adopted enlightened corporate governance practices including diversity and inclusion on corporate boards and board-level oversight of robust management practices and business risks.
The Values Investing Fund is managed by BofA and abides by the same investment policy, asset allocation and risk/return parameters established by the D&B Balanced Fund.  The Values Investing Fund was initially approved and funded by ECCT's Missionary Society Board ($5 million) and is now available for investment by all D&B participants.  
Parishes interested in learning more about how they can invest in a manner that is consistent with Episcopalian values should contact Theresa Dupont (, or 203-639-3501, ext. 125) for more information.