The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Mission Council

The Mission Council serves as a leadership body for ECCT's common participation in God's mission, using common resources, between sessions of the Annual Convention. It is responsible for financial oversight of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. A Mission Council replaced the Executive Council effective July 1, 2016.

There are 12 members selected from the six Regions (one clergy, one lay), who serve not as representatives but instead bring their local experience and wisdom to consideration of the whole of ECCT. In addition, there are nine members from different Ministry Networks in ECCT, who bring their perspectives. These are elected at the Annual Convention. ECCT's bishops, chancellor, treasurer, assistant treasurer, Secretary of Convention, and Secretary of the Diocese also serve on the Council. Terms of office begin January 1 and run three years. 

Official minutes - The Rev. Sandra Cosman, Secretary (meeting minutes are posted following approval, and any changes, at the subsequent meeting) 

Meeting Schedule: Upcoming meeting dates. Meetings are held at The Commons in Meriden. Meetings are generally 8:30 a.m. until 3 or 4 p.m., and include Eucharist and lunch. The morning session is held jointly with members of the other ECCT Leadership Groups: Commission on Ministry, Standing Committee, and Trustees of Donations & Bequests