The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee has three main functions: oversight, advice, and in the absence of any bishop, ecclesiastical authority of the diocese. The committee must consent to elections of bishops throughout The Episcopal Church; to matters regarding disposition of church property including any encumbrances, openings, or closings, (Click here to learn more about the Sales and Encumbrances process); to candidacy and ordination of deacons and priests; and to appointments to major boards. They also meet regularly with the diocesan bishop as a confidential council of advice.

Meetings are listed on the diocesan calendar, and are generally at 5 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of the month except in October or November when they may meet after the conclusion of the Annual Convention on a Saturday, and in July and August only as needed. Four times a year  the Standing Committee meets on a Saturday with other groups that make up the Joint Leadership of the diocese. 

Membership (updated after Convention 2019)

Tracy Johnson Russell Danielle Gaherty    
The Rev. Tracy Johnson Russell
President, St. Monica's, Hartford (2020)
The Rev. Peter Walsh, St. Mark's, New Canaan (2020) Danielle Gaherty, Trinity, Lime Rock (2020) Ashley Pilar Atencio, Old St. Andrew's, Bloomfield (2020)    
Rowena Kemp Nancy Meyers Staniewicz    
The Rev. Mark Byers, St. Andrew's, Meriden (2021) The Rev. Rowena J. Kemp, Grace, Hartford (2021) Thom Hagerth
St. Stephen's, East Haddam (2021)
Nancy Meyers Staniewicz, 
Holy Spirit, W. Haven (2021)
A. Bates Lyons    
The Rev. Peggy Hodgkins, Trinity, Southport (2022) The Rev. Geoffrey Hahneman, Retired, (2022) A. Bates Lyons
St. Monica's Church,
Kevin Fenner, St. John's, Vernon (2022)    

Effective as of Nov. 14, 2015: Six clergy and six laity, elected at convention, serving three-year terms