The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Bishops & Staff of ECCT at The Commons




Ahrens, Laura J. Bishop Suffragan x109
Cosman, Sandra Secretary of the Diocese & of Mission Council x117
DaSilva, Derrick Controller x129
Douglas, Ian T. Bishop Diocesan x111
  Property Manager x101  
Dupont, Theresa Secretary, Donations & Bequests x125
  Assistant for Bishop Laura J. Ahrens x108  
Fuertes, Louis Canon for Mission Finance & Operations x123
Farr, Greg Archivist x135
  Canon for Mission Communication & Media x130  
Hammeal-Urban, Robin Canon for Mission Integrity & Training x122
Handi, Matt Operations Manager x107
Hodapp, Tim Canon for Mission Collaboration x133
Hollo, Alison Senior Administrator, Office of the Episcopate x112
Huggins, Allison Digital Storyteller
  Dean of Formation x126  
Kenney, Debbie Administrator for Safe Church & Ordination Processes x132
Leackfeldt, Gigi Administrator for Mission Collaboration & Finance x136
McGarry, Shirley Financial Operations, Accounts Payable x114
McKenney, Bonni P. Administrator for the Programs of the Episcopate x116
Nicolaides, Karolyn Financial Operations, Accounts Receivable x134
Page Gehr, Amber Administrator for Transitions & Clergy Support x131
Peralta, Jasree Canon for Mission Communications & Media x130
Tolzmann, Lee Ann Canon for Mission Leadership x115
Tubolino, Kayla HR Administrator & Title IV Manager x119
Yates, Adam Secretary of Convention x128