The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Part Time Parish Administrator- Christ Church Easton

Christ Church, Easton

Parish Administrator

The Parish Administrator position (PT, 8-10 hours /week) is central to the life and wellbeing of the parish. The PA is often the first contact that a person has with the parish and helps set the tone of the office. This person wears the hat not only of an administrator, but of a welcoming evangelist. This work can be described as a ministry of interruptions, and flexibility is key. In addition, the PA will often hear information that is strictly and pastorally confidential, and thus confidentiality must be taken seriously at all times. People coming to the office to receive or in search of pastoral care must feel confident that they are in a safe, confidential environment, and the PA plays an important role in this. The PA is accountable to the Rector/PIC, or to the wardens in the absence of a Rector/PIC. The PA has a right to be treated with the utmost respect, and free from workplace harassment of any kind. The PA is encouraged to ask for help and/or clarification at all times, and it is the hope and goal that this position will be deeply rewarding and very enjoyable!

Interested parties should submit their resume and cover letter/statement of interest to Rev. Ally Brundige, Priest-in-Charge ( Questions welcome.

Hours and Compensation: 8-10 hours per week, with flexibility required (some weeks may be less and some may be more due to seasonal and pastoral need). This is a non-exempt position with an hourly rate of $24/h (annually $12,500). 4 weeks of paid vacation in addition to national holidays and 3 days of paid sick leave are included. There will be a 90-Day Probationary Period to ensure a mutual fit. Hours to be determined for the course of 2-3 days (ideally, Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with possibility of partially remote work.

Duties as listed below tend to be in flux, as new ways of doing things and new technology and systems arise and become utilized, or as environmental and/or church practices and needs shift. Depending on the needs of the parish and of the PA, hours can vary and certain seasons require more office time than others. Some weeks it is appropriate for the PA to work less hours, and other weeks more hours will be needed, though the position on average requires 8-10 hours per week. This flexibility is always open to discussion.  


*Receive telephone calls, and keep the Rector appraised of them. Assist the Rector in returning calls when appropriate and in consultation with the Rector.

            *Drafting and processing service bulletins and booklets with the approval of the Rector.

            *Enter weekly offering records into QuickBooks Online.

            *Processing with the help of the Treasury Team quarterly pledge statements.

            *Processing documents for the Rector as needed.

            *Processing and mailing letters to the parish.

*Keeping parish membership addresses, birthdays, contact information updated.

            *Managing incoming and outgoing mail and distributing mail.

*Sending out weekly MailChimp e-mails to the parish including worship and activities information.

            *Updating the website as needed, and/or engaging volunteers to do so.

            *In partnership with the PIC, working to produce, email and mail a monthly newsletter.


*Maintaining master calendar of church events and building use, including copy of CCNS activities.

            *Scheduling liturgical assistants and e-mailing reminders.

            *Mailing weekly readings to the lectors.

*Receive music for worship from the Minister of Music and communicate music selections to the Rector and to the Altar Guild.

*Assist the Rector in keeping her/his/their calendar.

*Assist as needed with Parish Fundraisers such as Concerts on the Hill.

*Assist as needed with weddings and funerals, confirmations and baptisms.

     Office Management:

            *Purchasing office supplies.

            *Serving as “key operator” of the photocopier.

            *Maintaining files as needed, both electronic and paper.

*Meeting weekly with the Rector, or communicating weekly with the wardens in the absence of a Rector/PIC.

            *Alerting the Rector and Buildings and Grounds Ministry of immediate needs.

     Special Projects:

            *Christmas and Easter flower memorials, Christmas pageant booklet.

            *Collecting Annual Meeting reports and producing booklet for the Annual Meeting.

            *Assisting the Treasury Team with Diocesan repots to the ECCT.

            *Communication with AA representatives and groups using the building when needed.


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