Clergy Jobs

After the retiring or resigning priest departs, the wardens and vestry begin a process that leads to new ordained leadership. This includes working with the Diocesan Transition Minister. One of Connecticut’s bishops will be assigned as the “bishop of record” to help shepherd the process. Review of applications for all open positions is ongoing and continues until the positions are filled.

Please note: “pending” status is often due to parishes not being in good standing, and there are issues to be resolved or info provided before a clergy person can be appointed. Other reasons include waiting on either completion of financial analysis or a meeting with the vestry.

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 If you discern a possible call to one of our parishes, please complete the online application:

Associate/Assistant Positions

Associates/Assistants are called by the rector of a parish, but must be vetted and approved by the Bishop. 

Clergy seeking associate/assistant positions or rectors seeking associate/assistant clergy are asked to contact the Diocesan Transition Minister before a hire is made.

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