The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

ECCT Database

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut maintains a database in Raisers' Edge containing information on clergy (personal and professional); names and contact info for leaders of various committees, groups, networks, etc.; and a range of data on parishes in general including leaders and ministries. It is augmented by data from Parochial Reports, community demographic information, and more. A survey was launched in July 2017 to provide robust data on parishes, along with policies and procedures to make some of that data available for direct collaboration among parishes and worshiping communities.

The database is overseen by the Mission Finance & Operations Department. That department also oversees a separate database for finances, Financial Edge. The survey for parishes and worshiping communities and the policies governing access and sharing were developed in partnership with the former Canon for Mission Communication & Media, Karin Hamilton.

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Data from the survey will be used to create an expanded parish directory that includes its ministries and ministry partners. Click here for a beta version of the directory created in February 2018 with data that had been provided to that date.