The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Legislation and forum on sexual harassment

From the House of Deputies: Call for a Special Legislative Committee on Sexual Harassment and Exploitation.

A special committee appointed by President of the House of Deputies Gay Jennings will draft legislation for consideration by the General Convention.

  • There are four subcommittees: Theology and Language; Structural Equity; Title IV and Training; Truth and Reconciliation.
  • The Rev. Molly F. James of ECCT serves on the Title IV and Training subcommittee.
  • Link here for full article including roster of appointed  members. 

From the House of Bishops: A Listening Session at General Convention.

  • The bishops asked Episcopalians to submit their personal stories of sexual abuse, harassment, and exploitation in The Episcopal Church, in confidence.
  • Each was reviewed for possible Title IV action before forwarding to one of the team of reading bishops.
  • Up to a dozen of these were selected for presentation during an open "Listening Session" at an early evening session on July 4. The authors will be contacted in advance; they will not be reading their own reflection; the reflections will be presented anonymously.
  • ECCT's Canon for Mission Integrity & Training Robin Hammeal-Urban and Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford's Dean Miguelina Howell served on the planning team.
  • To watch, go to the Media Hub and search for the Listening Session under the Worship category.