The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Who's Going From CT?

Information as of 4/27/18. Updates and edits to

Bishops and deputies will be attending all dates. Others may be attending only selected dates.This list represents all those who will be in Austin Texas for General Convention (and related assemblies) at any time from July 1-14, 2018.

Bishop Ian T. Douglas (Legislative Committee appointment, Governance & Structure, member)
Bishop Laura J. Ahrens (Legislative Committee appointment: Constitution & Canons, member)

Deputies (Lay):
Suzy Burke 
Bates Lyons (Legislative Committee appointment: Social Justice & US Policy, member)
Alli Huggins (Legislative Committee appointment: Christian Formation and Discipleship, ass’t sec’y)
Don Burr
First alternate: Shirley Wick
Second alternate: Ted Mollegen

Deputies (Clerical):
The Rev. Molly James (chair) (Legislative Committee appointment: Ministry, chair)
The Rev. Tracy Johnson Russell
The Rev. Linda Spiers (Legislative Committee appointment: Ecumenical & Interreligious Relations, member)
The Rev. Carlos de la Torre
First alternate: The Rev. Sandra Cosman
Second alternate (and logistics coordinator for the deputation): The Rev. Jonathan Folts

Official GC Youth Deputation, Province One
James-Paul Cosman Forbes

ECCT Youth Team (July 4-11) (see photo at right, missing Christine Babbitt)
Christine Babbitt
Andrew Gausepohl
Neal Minto
Elizabeth Rousseau
The Rev. Curtis Farr, chaperone
The Rev. Rebekah Hatch, chaperone

ECCT Staff Canons

Robin Hammeal-Urban, Canon for Mission Integrity & Mission (July 2-7)
The Rev. Lee Ann Tolzmann, Canon for Mission Leadership (July 3-8)
The Rev. Tim Hodapp, Canon for Mission Collaboration (July 5-8)
Louis Fuertes, Canon for Mission Finance & Operations (July 8-12)
Karin Hamilton, Canon for Mission Communication & Media (July 2-14)

ECCT Region Missionaries

Erin Flinn, NC Region Missionary
Maggie Breen, NE Region Missionary
The Rev. Rachel Thomas, SE Region Missionary
Eliza Marth , NW Region Missionary

Betty Silva, ECCT ECW President
Shirley Greiman, Distinguished Woman
Claudia Dixon
Roberta Stocksdale (with spouse, the Rev. Bob Stocksdale)
The Rev. Ellen Kennedy

Delores Alleyne (GFS) will be attending the ECW Triennial as Province I ECW President

Gloria Rogers will be attending the ECW Triennial as Province I Rep to Triennial

Girls Friendly Society (at ECW Triennial) - GFS will also have a booth in the exhibition hall
The Rev. Rowena Kemp, GFS Chaplain 
Lois Frankforter, GFS President (national) and CT GFS leader

Daughters of the King (Triennial June 20-24)

From left: Nora Brown, Jennie Dixon, and Donna Ricketts. All will attend the DOK Triennial 

Jennie Dixon (ECCT Diocesan Assembly rep), Nora Brown, and Donna Ricketts. All are from the Frances Cornwall Chapter of the DOK. 

CT-based Organizations/Groups/Vendors in the Exhibit Hall

Anne Lynn, John Lent, American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ) based in Darien CT)

Ana Arellano and Sam Dunlop (of St. Peter's, Cheshire); Dick Schultz; and Patricia and Jeremy Cage, and Pam Anderson (of Saint Luke's, Darien): Friends of the Episcopal Church in Cuba

Sharon Pearson, of Church Publishing, with the Church Pension Group. (she lives in Norwalk) She said she'll be following resolutions from Committees 3 and 14. Stephanie Johnson will be a guest on their CPG “porch” (Booth 617 in the Exhibit Hall) after she speaks during the Care of Creation conversation on Tuesday, July 10 from 12-1 pm along with several of our CPG authors one have written about environmental issues.


(please send names to if you're volunteering and are ok being listed!)


The Very Rev. Miguelina Howell, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral. She is Chaplain to the House of Bishops.

The Rev. Stephanie Johnson, rector of St. Paul's, Riverside CT and co-chair of the Episcopal Church Stewardship of Creation Advisory Council. She is one of three featured speakers at the special General Convention session on Care of Creation to be held Tuesday, July 10. She'll hop over to the CPG booth in the Exhibit Hall afterwards, with Sharon Pearson.