The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Resolution Guidelines

Who: Resolutions may be submitted by any member of Convention (canonically resident clergy or lay delegates to the Diocesan Convention) or members of a diocesan committee.

How: Electronically to Adam Yates, Secretary of Convention ( 

When: No later than September 14, 2019.

Format: All six elements listed below must be included in the resolution, or else the resolution will be returned to the submitter:

  • Title: A brief description of what the resolution is about
  • Names of the Submitters: All resolutions must be submitted by at least five (5) members of Convention. Include email addresses and phone numbers for the submitters.
  • Text of the Resolution: All clauses begin with the word “RESOLVED:” if there is more than one clause, the words, “AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED” appear at the beginning of a new clause. “Whereas” clauses are not used.
  • Explanation: A brief, concise explanation (under 100 words) of the rationale for the resolution.
  • Statement: Answer the question, “How does this resolution further God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation with all of creation?”
  • Statement of Requirements to Implement the Resolution: A summary of cost, materials, and time required to implement the resolution.

After Convention, if the resolution is adopted, the sponsors of a resolution must inform Convention not later than May 1st of the following year of action taken after the adoption of the resolution, making note of the information below:

  • Title of Resolution
  • Summary of the purpose of the resolution
  • Actions taken to implement the resolution
  • Outstanding work to be completed or further actions required (Optional)

This information will be included in the pre­-Convention material provided to delegates.

In case of resolutions that require notification of State and Federal authorities, the sponsors of the resolution are responsible for notifying the authorities.