The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Good Standing: Canonical Requirements for Clergy

  •  Safe Church Recertification - Completion of the day-long program offered by ECCT, currently scheduled every three years.

"Every Bishop, Presbyter, or Deacon whose report is not included in a parochial report shall also report on the exercise of such office, and if there has been none, the causes or reasons which have prevented the same."

  • Secular Employment (TEC Canons: Title IV, Canon 4, Section 1 (h) (3)

 "Refrain from: engaging in any secular employment, calling or business without the consent of the Bishop of the Diocese in which the Member of the Clergy is canonically resident."

  •  Continuing Education (TEC Canons: Title III, Canon 7, Section 5 for Deacons and Title III, Canon 9, section 1 for Priests)

"The Bishop and Commission shall require and provide for the continuing education of Deacons/Priests and keep a record of such education."

  •  Participation in Annual Convention (ECCT Constitution: Article II, Section 4.B)

"Those clergy canonically resident in the Diocese who miss two successive Annual Conventions without being excused by the Ecclesiastical Authority shall lose their right to seat and vote in successive Annual Conventions until they obtain permission from the Ecclesiastical Authority or its delegate to return."