The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

ECCT identity mark files


In  2013-2014 the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut undertook a "refreshed branding" initiative that included dozens of interviews by Randy Herbertson and Betsy Parker, who led the initiative, with lay and ordained Episcopalians across the state as well as conversation with non-Episcopal partners. Betsy and Randy presented reports and held feedback sessions with the bishops, canons, and members of the joint leadership group. The final result was a decision to identify ourselves as the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT) Working still with Betsy and Randy, we developed a new visual identity mark that reflects this new understanding of who we are at this time: We are The Episcopal Church - in Connecticut - and we are participating in God's mission. Link here for the report. The identity mark, in several shapes and file formats, is available. Color information is also below.

    • Report from The Visual Brand and BPGraphics (full info on rebranding, listening sessions, etc.) here
    • Report on the ECCT mark (logo), fonts, name, and colors here



The image should, whenever possible, be used on a white background. In addition, whenever possible, use the image with the full lockup of text (i.e. Episcopal Church  in Connecticut/Participating in God's Mission). This lockup is available in a horizontal, stacked, or triple-stacked image. The mark  is also available by itself. See samples, below.

ECCT horizontal lockup                 

ECCT stacked lockup      

ECCT triple-stacked lockup       

ECCT Mark (only)                            ECCT  identity mark

File formats

There are six different formats, depending on your use:

  • Black and white image for print, when color is not used
  • .jpg image for web use, RGB color
  • .png image for web use only, RGB color
  • .jpg image for home  office printing  and importing into Microsoft applications
  • .tif image for four-color process printing on a press or home/office that supports CMYK color. Not supported by web browsers
  • .ai image when a vector file is needed by a printer to use for apparel, signs, large banners, etc.

For all of the images except the vector file, go to the file repository. Scroll down to the Photos and Images folder, and inside that, open the ECCT branding folder. Click on the file  you want. When it opens, right-click on the image and use the "save as" command to save it to your computer.


 Color details

There are two colors used: the blue of the mark, and the warm gray of the text. Here are the details, for print (PMS) and web (hex):

  • Blue: PMS 300 (c=99, m=50, y=0, k=0; r=0, g=94, b=184; hex=005EB8)
  • Warm Gray: PMS Warm Gray 11  (c=53, m=53, y=59, k=24; r=111, g=98, b=90; hex=6e6259)