The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Clergy Association (ConnECA)

The Connecticut Episcopal Clergy Association, ConnECA, is a member of NNECA (the National Network of Episcopal Clergy Associations) which stands with clergy as we struggle and excel in the service of Christ and Christ's people.  None of us can make much of a difference if we go it alone.  To make a difference we need to work together sharing our joys and our sorrows with our colleagues. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

ConnECA is a non-profit, voluntary organization of ordained clergy in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, organized in order to:

  • Provide regular opportunities for the clergy of the diocese to come together to address mutual concerns which arise out of their life and work, as well as events in the wider church and world which bear on their life and work.
  • Provide an association by means of which professional standards for life and work canbe discussed, formulated, and put into practice for the purpose of enhancing the quality of service offered by clergy in and for God’s Church. 
  • Provide increased opportunities for fellowship, mutual support, increased collegiality, and the exchange of ideas and counsel.


ConnECA is composed of those clergy and seminarians canonically and/or physically in the Diocese of Connecticut who pay annual dues (PDF document below).   However, all programs and events are open to all clergy regardless of whether they have paid dues or not. 

Only members in good standing shall be eligible to vote or hold office in ConnECA and“good standing” shall be certified by the Treasurer as those current in their dues according to one of the categories described above.


Current ConnECA Officers:  
Co-Convener:  The Rev. Patricia Leonard-Palsey
Co-Convener:  The Rev. Harrison West


Executive Committee: 

The Rev. Virginia Army        The Rev. Knute Hansen, Deacon 
The Rev. Sandra Cosman   The Rev. Amy Welin 
The Rev. Patricia Hames     The Rev. Peter Walsh