The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Resolution overview

July 13, 2018: Here is a PARTIAL list of resolutions that I believe were passed by both Houses at GC79. The original resolutions may have been amended, or been substituted for new text, and sometimes the headline doesn’t match the final text as well as it could. These are only SOME resolutions, primarily organized by most of the different Legislative Committees to which they were assigned. I’ve offered a range of resolutions under each topic. I checked to see that they are all concurrals (both Houses agreed) but it’s been a long two weeks, so please verify. The ones of most interest to you might not be listed here so be sure to visit the Virtual Binder!

Click here to get to the Virtual Binder. In the top right corner, choose your language, Spanish or English. Click on “Resolutions” then you can enter a specific number, or select them by topic or by Legislative Committee.

ECCT will provide an overview resource later this summer. The General Convention office also usually provides an overview of the actions taken, but not right away, as everything must be verified.

A sampling of resolutions passed at #gc79


  • B005, Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue
  • C037 (from Province One) Call to Respond to Opioid Epidemic
  • D029, Condemning Prolonged Solitary Confinement as a Form of Torture
  • D090 Engaging the Church in Advocacy for Disability Rights (including deaf persons)


  • A022 Create a Formation [Theological Education] Networking Team (across TEC)
  • A055 Develop Multicultural Ministry Pathways
  • B009, Civil Discourse (OGR curriculum)
  • C034, Ministry to People with Mental Illness and their Families
  • C055 Inclusion of Transgender People (guidelines)
  • D010 Creating Position of Indigenous Theological Education Coordinator


  • A060 Create a Task Force to Study Church’s Pension System (Resolves to study the historical and current relationship of The Episcopal Church and The Church Pension Fund in order to achieve greater clarity on their respective roles, responsibilities and authority, and Issue a report by the end of 2019. Requests of CPG by GC79 can be found here.


  • A144, Diocesan Missional Review (prior to search process for bishop diocesan or coadjutor)
  • A221 Collaboration & Networking
  • A053 Design a New Parochial Report


  • A238 Admit Episcopal Diocese of Cuba as a Diocese of The Episcopal Church


  • A035 Commend “The Church Towards A Common Vision”
  • A041 Episcopal Church-United Methodist Dialogue
  • D043 Welcoming the Church of South India


  • A010, Planting of Paris Groves, very amended from original
  • A011 Oppose Environmental Racism
  • A013 Facilitating the Development of the Church’s Ministry of Care of Creation
  • B025 Water as a Human Right (includes urge to phase-out or ban on bottled water in churches by 2021)


  • A005 Continue a Church-wide Network for Planting Churches
  • A029 Commend the Evangelism Charter for the Church to All Episcopalians
  • A031 Fund a full time Evangelism Staff Officer
  • A082 Training for Digital Evangelists


  • A178 Halt the Intensification and Implementation of Immigration Policies and Practices that are Harmful to Migrant Women, Parents and Children
  • C033 Respecting the Dignity of Immigrants
  • C009 Becoming a Sanctuary Church
  • A286 Keeping Faith with U.S. Military Recruits


  • A295 Adopt the Budget for TEC (Link to budget)
  • B007, Ethical Investing in Gun Manufacturers
  • A020 Fossil Fuel Divestment
  • B008 Stewardship in Communities of Color (support for a project)
  • A061 Create a Task Force on the Theology of Money.
  • D068 Criteria & Procedures for deciding to engage with or establish a No-Buy List of Companies
  • B016 Adopt ELCA Action on Israel/Palestine


  • A068 Revision of the Book of Common Prayer
  • A070 Translation of the Book of Common Prayer
  • B012 Marriage Rites for the whole Church A065 LFF 2018
  • D078 Authorize Holy Eucharist, Rite II (Expansive Language) for Trial Use
  • A065 Authorize Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2018 (includes request to provide GC80 with singular calendar)
  • A066 Add Thurgood Marshall, Pauli Murray, and Florence Li-Tim Oi to the church calendar (2nd reading)
  • A218 Proposed Book of Occasional Services 2018 (changes/additions)
  • C028 (from ECCT) on use of other Anglican Books of Worship was referred to an interim body
  • C030  (from ECCT) on adding a baptismal promise about care of creation was referred to an interim body
  • A017 Creation Liturgies, was referred to an interim body.
  • C031 (from ECCT) Minimize Gendered Language (in any Prayer Book revisions) was referred to an interim body
  • B010 Concerning the Service of the Church, was referred to SCLM


  • C060 Breaking the Episcopal Stained Glass Ceiling
  • Lots of canonical changes; will list summary later; Molly will review them on an upcoming "Coffee Hour at The Commons" podcast
  • More from this Legislative Committee here


  • D011, Doctrine of Discovery Training (required of those in ordination process)
  • A044 Establishing Anti-racism/racial Reconciliation Certification Framework.
  • A045 Revision and Reminder of Anti-Racism Training Requirement
  • B004, Encouraging the language of dismantling racism and racial healing, justice and reconciliation.


  • A048: Establish Committee to Oversee Creation of Training Materials; host model policies on DFMS website; address funding.
  • A051: Modify Parochial Report from dioceses to include safe church self-audits



  • A207 Encouraging Mission as Part of the Beloved Community
  • D062 Companionship with Sudanese Christians
  • D061 Develop Episcopal Gap Year Program
  • D050 Solidarity with Victims of Religious Persecution