The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Funding Priorities

Inspiring Episcopalians in Connecticut to participate in God’s mission with greater creativity, confidence, breadth, and depth, the Episcopal Church in Connecticut has launched Joining Jesus in a New Missional Age. Through this initiative our parishes, Regions, and the wider diocese are being transformed.

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut seeks to nurture cooperation among people, parishes, and ministries within and across Regions, providing training and experiential opportunities to form disciples and apostles in this new missional age and supporting parishes that are becoming more engaged in God’s mission in the neighborhood.

In addition to seeking $4 million to support parishes’ own capital, programmatic, and endowment needs, Joining Jesus in a New Missional Age seeks to raise $4 million to support five diocesan-wide priorities:

Launch an entrepreneurial fund to resource new undertakings in each Region - $1,000,000

The six Regions were established in 2016, after extensive discernment of the Taskforce for Reimagining the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (TREC-CT), to provide greater opportunity for collaboration among parishes and with other organizations. Each Region is served by a Region Missionary who helps parishes and parishioners catalyze, connect, convene, and build capacity to engage God’s mission in meaningful ways. Supported by the Regions and Region Missionaries, ECCT parishes have had the opportunity to participate in many collaborative initiatives, from Region confirmation classes to Region Training Programs for Lay Preachers. The development of Ministry Networks has nurtured Episcopalians’ involvement in community gardens, international mission, and racial healing, justice, and reconciliation, to name just a few.

Joining Jesus in a New Missional Age seeks to further support the Regions with a newly launched entrepreneurial fund that will provide grants to new projects and ministry possibilities arising out of our Regions. Financial support for new Region projects will enrich and invigorate our common life as Episcopalians in Connecticut participating in God’s mission.

Transform Christ Church Cathedral into a flexible, multi-purpose space to serve ECCT and the community - $1,500,000

Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford has been a place where Episcopalians across Connecticut have come together to worship God for over a century. As a place where we gather with our bishops, our Cathedral empowers us to be sent in God’s mission as apostles. Christ Church Cathedral is the only Cathedral in Connecticut that serves the entire state; it is truly Connecticut’s Cathedral.

Our Cathedral’s current worship space seriously limits how we are able to utilize it as a place to support us as apostles in God’s mission. Redeveloping the worship space will open up new possibilities for service to the Episcopal Church, the city of Hartford, and the state of Connecticut. The redeveloment will both maintain the building’s historic character and remarkable architectural provenance while making changes necessary to become a fully versatile worship, artistic, and community space. Planned changes to this incredible cultural asset will provide handicapped accessibility, modern restrooms, flexible seating, full spectrum lighting and sound, and new improved heating and cooling.

With a redeveloped interior, we can gather together more regularly, helping to connect Episcopalians from across Connecticut in a variety of events and programming. Through liturgy, we offer opportunities for experimental worship. Through ecumenical and interfaith relationships, our Cathedral creates partnerships in faith. Through community collaboration in the arts and education, we demonstrate how connected we are to the world around us. And through advocacy, we follow Jesus into our state capitol.

Support for new intentional Christian communities, such as college chaplaincies or young adult service corps - $500,000

As the church changes, the Holy Spirit calls us to form new types of Christian community. New Intentional Christian Communities invite Christians to practice our faith deliberately, both by living in community and through serving others. The development of new intentional Christian across our six Regions might include such communities as Episcopal Service Corps, chaplaincies on college and university campuses, and intergenerational shared housing. Living together, preparing and sharing meals together, worshipping together, questioning together, caring for one another together, and serving God and the world together, opens us to new possibilities in God’s mission.

Expand Camp Washington’s capacity to serve as a resource for Christian formation for all ages - $750,000

Camp Washington, the Episcopal Church in Connecticut’s camp and retreat center located on 300 acres in picturesque northwest Connecticut, has been a site for spiritual respite for over one hundred years. Camp Washington is a sacred place where God’s love for the world, made known to us in Jesus Christ, is shared with all God’s people through the ministry of hospitality. From summer camp to adult retreats to diocesan events, Camp Washington is a year-round resource for discipleship rooted in the beauty of God’s creation and love.

Through facilities enhancements and additional financial support for programming, we endeavor to further Camp Washington as the primary resource for Christian formation for youth and adults in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Learn more here.

Building the Beloved Community through increasing capacity for racial healing, justice, and reconciliation across ECCT - $250,000

We are in the midst of a historic mobilization of people in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and in support of a more racially just society. In the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, we are called to redress the sins of racism, white supremacy, and anti-Black bias. The work of racial reconciliation is an essential part of our participation in God’s mission of restoration and wholeness.

The Episcopal Church in Connecticut’s 2018 Annual Convention embraced the call for a Season of Racial Healing, Justice and Reconciliation. We have been faithful to that call in a variety of ways: through the dedication and commitment of our lay and ordained leadership; programs offered through the Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation Ministry Network; and in initiatives led by our dedicated staff at The Commons. This is holy and important work.

Although much work has been done – individually, in parishes, and at the diocesan level – to move us towards a deeper understanding of race in America over the past two years, the events of this Spring have demonstrated clearly that there is still much work to be done in dismantling racism, educating our communities, and taking concrete steps towards social and racial justice. Together, we must do more. The Episcopal Church in Connecticut is committed to the transformation that is required to ensure that the Beloved Community becomes a reality.

ECCT seeks to increase its capacity to engage in the work of dismantling racism and building the Beloved Community. Your support will fund new strategic initiatives, which could include:

  • A dedicated fund for collaborative projects at the parish or Region level designed to address racial reconciliation
  • New curricula and other resources for parishes
  • Diocesan-wide anti-racism trainings to deconstruct white supremacy and anti-Black bias
  • New strategic partnerships with groups committed to building the Beloved Community
  • An enhanced staff position to help build capacity across our diocese

"For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them."

Matthew 18:20