The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will participate in the Joining Jesus fundraising initiative?

Joining Jesus is a diocesan-wide effort designed to develop spiritual and financial resources so that Episcopalians in Connecticut can more fully participate in God’s mission. All Episcopal households are asked to consider a financial gift to Joining Jesus.

How is the Joining Jesus fundraising initiative different from Common Mission Support?

Common Mission Support provides necessary annual operating support for the annual Budget of Convention, a concrete example of our common witness to, and participation in, God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Through it we support mission activities across Connecticut, in the broader Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion, and ecumenically. Joining Jesus will raise new funds for extraordinary capital and programmatic needs that will fortify key programs within the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, as well as local parish needs. Just as parishes depend on annual pledging, ECCT will continue to depend on funds for current operations from Common Mission Support.

Is it expensive to conduct Joining Jesus?

Fundraising is a process that has many components, and investments must be made in order to complete the process. As part of the careful study and strategic planning that went into Joining Jesus, ECCT developed a budget that includes fundraising counsel, professional services, the design, production, and distribution of fundraising initiative materials, brochures, mailings and postage, as well as other administrative expenses. The funding for these services is being provided by Mission Council, from funds from the Missionary Society’s assets.

Are pledges legally binding?

No. Pledges are not legally binding. If the donor’s financial situation changes such that a pledge cannot be satisfied, simply communicate that with the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

Why are pledges encouraged, instead of one-time donations?

Pledges provide you with the opportunity to make a more significant gift to the mission of God through the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. A contribution is easier to pay off over a period of time rather than a one-time gift out of pocket. 

Will my parish benefit from the campaign?

All parishes have the opportunity to benefit from shared ministries funded through the Joining Jesus fundraising initiative. Please see below for further detail:

How can I be sure my pledge or gift goes towards the needs outlined in the case for support?

The Joining Jesus fundraising initiative has both a legal and moral obligation to restrict these funds for the stated elements. The funds raised for the fundraising initiative will be used only as described.

How will this campaign impact the plate and pledge of my parish?

Parish plate and pledge is not expected to fluctuate during the Joining Jesus initiative. Parishioners are asked to give above and beyond their regular giving. Initiatives like Joining Jesus can lead to increased offertory long-term. Parishioners may engage more deeply with their parishes because of the initiative, and increase their giving when their Joining Jesus pledge payments conclude. 

What if I am unable to fulfill my original pledge amount?

Unanticipated events or situations can occur. If financial circumstances change, a donor may contact Gigi Leackfeldt at the Commons to adjust, pause, or cancel their pledge.

Are stock and planned gifts accepted?
Donors may give appreciated securities. Bequests and other deferred gifts may also be made. Donors considering such gifts should contact Gigi Leackfeldt.

To whom should checks be made payable?
Checks for Joining Jesus should be made payable to the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, with Joining Jesus in the memo.

Are gifts to Joining Jesus tax-deductible?
All gifts made to the campaign are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donors should consult a tax professional if they have any questions about the tax treatment of their contributions.