The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut

Reports & Resolutions

Rules of Order

The Annual Convention of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut uses Robert's Rules of Order and the Annual Convention Rules of Order adopted at the start of every convention.


The following reports have been submitted to the 232nd Annual Convention:


The following resolutions were submitted for deliberation at the 232nd Annual Convention. Resolutions are marked to indicate whether they were passed, passed as amended, or were tabled. Resolutions marked as amended contain the final version of the language of the resolution, as amended by Convention.

  1. Budget of Convention | Appendix: Budget Summary | Appendix: Budget Detail Passed
  2. Clergy Salary Passed
  3. Second Reading of a Revised Constitution | Appendix: Revised Constitution Passed
  4. Next Steps in God's Mission Passed As Amended
  5. Our Holy Land Passed as Amended
  6. Gendered Language in the Book of Common Prayer Tabled
  7. Gun-Free Zones Passed as Amended
  8. Sabbatical Leave for Priests and Other Ministry Leaders Passed as Amended
  9. Floor Resolution: Support of IRIS Passed