Bishop’s Statement Regarding St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Shelton

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I, Bishop Jeffrey Mello, received a letter and resolution yesterday (January 16) from members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Shelton, who having met in a parish meeting, chose not to elect a Vestry and voted to state that they no longer wish to be associated with The Episcopal Church. The letter and resolution also declared that they “are returning all assets and liabilities of St. Paul’s and related financial responsibilities to the ECCT.” This letter and resolution was also posted on the parish’s website and Facebook page.

This notice followed news, on December 18, that the parish would exhaust all of its financial resources on December 31 as well as the reported resignation of the Wardens and the Vestry just after Christmas. My staff and I are taking steps to respond to these individuals’ apparent departure from The Episcopal Church and the reported abandonment by these individuals of the property of the parish. We shall ensure care for all of the people impacted by these developments and further consider next steps for St. Paul’s.

Please pray for all impacted by these events.