Reminder for Parishes: Connecticut Minimum Wage Increases July 1st, 2022 

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Jean Tomasco, ECCT’s Interim Human Resources Manager 

All human resources information can be found on our Administration Resources page

Parishes should be aware that Connecticut’s minimum wage increases from the current 

$13.00 per hour to $14.00 per hour, effective July 1, 2022. For planning and budgeting purposes, it will increase by another dollar next year to $15.00 per hour, effective June 1, 2023. 

Hourly employees who work more than 40 hours in a workweek are entitled to overtime at 1-1/2 times their regular rate of pay for the time worked beyond 40 hours. Time for which they may be compensated but do not actually work (such as paid holidays or paid sick time, if your parish offers such benefits) need not be counted as “hours worked” for purposes of calculating the 40 hours. 

This also might be a good time to check your required posting regarding state wage and hour regulations. The most recent version was last revised in February 2020 (it is noted in the upper left corner of the poster) and includes information regarding the minimum wage increases through 2023. It is available as a .pdf on the Connecticut Department of Labor’s website at Note that it is a fairly large poster with very small print, so rather than downloading it you may want to contact the state Department of Labor at (860) 263- 6790 or fill out a help form at and request a free copy.